Who we are

Our team is energetic and dedicated to crafting spaces for learning. This passion draws reference from a range of sources to ensure our team remains on the pulse of Teaching and Learning. Our team is backed by the guidance of our Director, who has extensive experience with school and community buildings and is supported by experience and a strong technical understanding. 

Simply put, we are passionate architects, with a love of the learning environment.

Our Team

Leaf Architecture - Daniel Smith, Director

Daniel Smith, Director

Daniel Smith has developed a significant portfolio of public and education projects completed over the past fifteen years. This experience coupled with a natural affinity to building relationships with various stakeholder groups makes Daniel a personable and experienced architect and leader.

Daniel’s passion is in Educational facilities, having spent his career concentrating on this sector with a comprehensive research and development focus. With his research in to Teaching and Learning, together with tours of many leading schools around Australia and New Zealand is built further upon an intimate knowledge of current education trends makes Daniel an inspiring education architect. This passion is furthered by his role as a Board Director of St Patrick's College, Campbelltown.

Leaf Architecture - Paul Droney

Paul Droney, Project Leader

Paul is an extremely motivated and talented designer, with a passion for design and crafting inspiring spaces.

He has studied in Belgium's Université Libre de Bruxelles, whilst gaining international experience within Europe's design culture. Paul has worked on buildings of many different typologies, including schools, fire stations and residential projects. Each project received a level of attention to detail beyond his years. 

Leaf Architecture - Tina Goodberg

Tina Goodberg, Practice Manager

Tina is gifted with organisational and process based refinement which enables and supports the core team objectives – to design beautiful spaces to live, work, learn and play.

Tina has been instrumental in establishing the systems behind Leaf Architecture whilst providing back-up support to ensure the team can deliver work within the client’s requirements. As Leaf Architecture has grown, Tina’s future focused systems delivery has provided a solid platform for company growth and development. Tina’s past experience has been within practice management of a law firm. This backing provides a strong insight into an efficient and agile working environment.

Her approach to system integration has been inclusive within the studio, thereby reinforcing a tight knit team with a focus on collaborative and professional development.

Leaf Architecture - Vanessa Truong, Accounts Administrator

Vanessa Truong, Accounts Administrator

Vanessa is an exceptional accountant with over 15 years experience. Vanessa keeps our accounts flowing and our administration organised. After coming from leading multinational manufacturers, Vanessa has been establishing financial processes and procedures to ensure the stead and continual growth of our practice. She has been an invaluable member of our team since joining the studio.

Leaf Architecture - Rob Fraser, Design Director

Rob Fraser, Design Director

Rob is an engaging and inclusive operator with a strong track record in leading successful, diverse teams in the delivery of complex projects and services. As our Design Director, Rob has a strong eye for detail and a natural ability to lead, strategize and guide project teams to be able to perform to its best ability.

Coming from a senior role in Schools Infrastructure NSW, Rob has oversaw the redevelopment of the school standards to create a dynamic cloud based tool which informs every public school project delivered.

Furthermore, Rob’s enjoys intrinsic ability to discern a client’s needs, communicate in a manner that builds on their understanding while navigating multiple, often conflicting stakeholder needs, to a mutually satisfactory outcome.

As an experienced design professional, Rob has led, designed and documented architectural for over 30 years. His interest in architecture expands from the granular detail through to big picture master planning.

Leaf Architecture - Lucia Uribe Perez

Lucia Uribe Perez, Project Leader

  • M. Building Restoration, Technology and Management

  • M. Architecture

  • M. Architecture. Erasmus Exchange Programme

Lucía is an aspiring talented designer, with a passion for creating beautiful and memorable spaces for people.

She has benefited from over five years of experience on a variety of projects and constructions on urban design, residential, renovation building and mixed-use projects. As an architect, Lucía has managed projects from the initial design stage right through to completion.


Lukas van der Walt, Graduate Architect

Lukas is a graduate with a passion for architecture and design. His accurate and genuine approach to environmental sustainability, combined with his natural design talent make Lukas a strong fit for any project.

Lukas’s experience enables him to synthesize the divergent needs of various consultants while maintaining a strong eye on the bigger picture.

He is also a passionate visual artist interested mostly in Concept Art and Interior Design.

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