Tina Goodberg
Practice Manager

Leaf Architecture - Tina Goodberg, Practice Manager

Leaf Architecture - Tina Goodberg, Practice Manager

Tina is gifted with organisational and process based refinement which enables and supports the core team objectives – to design beautiful spaces to live, work, learn and play.

Tina has been instrumental in establishing the systems behind Leaf Architecture whilst providing back-up support to ensure the team can deliver work within the client’s requirements. As Leaf Architecture has grown, Tina’s future focused systems delivery has provided a solid platform for company growth and development.

Her dedication to construct a highly effective operational environment over a short period of time is testimony to her systematic and time management skills. This mindset has now been applied to developing project management and communication tools for every project.

Tina’s past experience has been within practice management of a law firm. This backing provides a strong insight into an efficient and agile working environment.

Her approach to system integration has been inclusive within the studio, thereby reinforcing a tight knit team with a focus on collaborative and professional development. Tina has been influential with establishing a studio culture, focused on design, schools and construction.