Lucía Uribe Pérez
Graduate Architect

Leaf Architecture - Lucía Uribe Pérez
  • M. Building Restoration, Technology and Management
  • M. Architecture
  • M. Architecture. Erasmus Exchange Programm

Lucía is an aspiring talented architect, with a passion for creating beautiful and memorable spaces for people.

She has benefited from over five years of experience on a variety of projects and constructions on urban design, residential, renovation building and mixed-use projects. As an architect, Lucía has managed projects from the initial design stage right through to completion.

Lucía possesses excellent technical and computer skills with advanced knowledge in programs such as Revit, SketchUp and Photoshop among other programs. Having a thirst for knowledge in her profession, Lucía is always looking to develop new skills and sharpen existing talents. With a range of computer skills at bay, Lucía has still developed a natural hand sketching ability aimed at improving communication with all stakeholders under the veil of a beautiful drawing technique.

Her high attention to detail has promoted Lucía to resolve problems under pressure whilst achieving a high standard, either in a team member or leadership role.

As Lucía’s lifelong learning journey continued, she has explored a series of further degrees to broaden her knowledge in the wide field of the architecture, not only as an Architect but also as a Researcher in the Energy Efficiency sector as well as the Civil Engineer sector.

Lucía has a beautiful mannerism and a strong quest for knowledge in Architecture. This ensures that Lucía will be a valuable member of any project.