The M.E.T. School are currently going through a transitional phase from their initial inception in 1990 to their current maturity in teaching and learning. Following this evolution, the school decided to embark on the process of compiling a master plan to set the future direction of their campus and unlock latent potential of their site in an educational sense. 

The process took just over three months, comprising of consultation with the School, Board and various other stakeholders. The end result is an effective design which features contemporary learning approaches with a range a school sensibilities.

The proposal revolves around the notion of 'Celebrating the learning'. All spaces link on to the main Learning Street, which enables the student's individual journey to be celebrated by their peers and teachers. Strong visibility assists in breaking down the attitudes towards failure, by reinforcing that learning can be messy, iterative and exploratory, each student can understand that it takes time to master concepts. In that sense perseverance is key and learning is important.