Maronite College of the Holy Family, Harris Park

The new Block C at the Maronite College is now complete!

Our team took this $7.3M building from concept to completion in just two and a half years and we are proud of the result.

The building comprises of 2 collaborative learning spaces, 11 classrooms, administration, staff facilities, undercroft and a roof play space. The learning spaces are mature, adaptable and contemporary. These spaces respond to a more dynamic style of Teaching and Learning, providing the Learners with facilities throughout that reflects latest technology, with a focus on both enquiry based learning and explicit teaching.

The design of the building pays homage to the foundation of the College in Lebanon, with references to the cedar trees, olive trees, mountain ranges and their picturesque coastline.

Our team delivered the architecture, interior design and furniture selection services. The building was constructed by the talented team at Steve-Watt Constructions.

Photographers: Michael Nicholson Photography and Daniel Smith