How we work...

Leaf Architecture is a boutique practice with a love of design, people and community. Based in the Inner West, we have immersed ourselves in one of Sydney’s true creative precincts with a view to establishing ourselves as a design firm with a functional edge.

Our passion for the built environment is inspired by our core design intent to create a better built environment for: -

  • People
  • Community
  • Sustainability
  • Place making

These goals underpin all of our work, communication and design processes. We believe in these principles as we have found our spaces to engage with the community and the people who live, work, learn and play in them as a result of this deeper enquiry.

Our key services extend to the following areas: -

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Education Planning


We create spaces for people, we firmly believe that the greatest buildings leave a lasting impression on people which serve their day to day needs with a hint of magic.


To design a space for you, we excite our natural curiosity on how you live, work, learn and play. Through this enquiry process, we engage with all stakeholders to gain a thorough understanding of you, our client.

Our greatest pleasure is synthesizing the needs of people, organisations, schools and communities, brought together in a creative design response. Thereby crafting memorable buildings that are an extension of your ideals and dreams.


Our director has had wide experience in community based buildings. Through this experience, we have designed a series of tools to engage with the broader community. This process empowers organisations and schools to take a wider group of stakeholders along the journey, guided by the overall vision.

Leaf Architecture - Community

We believe that every building should contribute to the community, be it through a simple gesture such as well-designed massing and façade treatment or the overall contribution to place making.

The design and the delivery of a project must be driven by the community and its people under your leadership. Every project has different needs and every person communicates differently. Our communication and design process change to reflect the needs of the client and stakeholders. Equally so, it is often the case where divergent ideas or needs can be synthesized to accommodate the core requirements under a creative approach to design.

We are passionate about this process because we have seen it deliver better results through greater understanding.


We view sustainability in a holistic sense, including all facets of the social, economic and environmental contexts.

For a project to be a success, the architecture must respond to the social context, be it the pedagogies in a school, the work flow method of an office or the community dynamic in a library.

Equally so, we acknowledge that development often follows a lengthy process of saving, fund raising and accessing government grants. Therefore, a project needs to be financially viable, via a vehicle of conservative budgeting and forecasting. Additionally, we also respect that a building must be simple to maintain in order to control the recurrent expenses.

Finally, as our name suggests, we always explore environmental sustainable options that reflect the social and economic drivers of the project. We believe through simple design intervention, we can achieve ‘liveable buildings’, which often re-utilises the old bones of seemingly tired assets and provides fresh, open and natural spaces.

Place Making

We view place making in a multifaceted sense, starting with the individual experiences of people within, through to the experience of people in the broader context of the community.

Leaf Architecture - Place Making

Our intent is to leave a memorable experience for people as they live, work, learn and play. We feel this principle should be guided by introducing a sense of ‘naturalness’ to a space – be it with environmental sustainability with natural light and air or with the introduction of natural materials.

Further to this, our designs reflect with every decision your guiding principles to leave an indelible mark of your strategic approach or pedagogy. In the case of our schools, all of our surfaces have a learning intent to address the needs of their learners, thereby creating a place making impression through their learning.

All of our designs integrate the needs of the community alongside the strategic goals set by you. We recognise the need to work with your community, your neighbours to craft an experience be it through façade design, semi-public spaces or a simple touch to promote your organisation to the broader masses. In other words, using your building to promote you and be a good neighbour at the same time. 


Fundamentally, we are passionate Architects, with a love of design and working with people. 

Our People

Our director Daniel Smith has had extensive experience with school and community buildings. Through this experience, with a focus on people we have developed a strong communication strategy to assist clients along the process. Daniel has led projects in all phases; including client consultation, master planning, detail design, co-ordination of documentation and contract administration. This experience coupled with a natural affinity to building relationships with various stakeholder groups makes Daniel a personable and experienced architect and leader. Simply put, we are passionate architects, with a love of the built environment.