Change and the Learning Environment / by Daniel Smith

As the world changes in an exponential manner, so do the needs of our learners.

Our learners need to develop skills that encourages their curious mind, challenges the norm, perseveres through problems with developed soft skills and critical thinking.

The Impact of space can have measurable impacts, so this is why we believe that we should challenge the current design thinking and focus on innovation, research and pedagogy.

Through this focus, we have developed a simple studio philosophy

  • Every surface should have a learning intent
  • Base all decisions on research
  • Maintain linkages with leading educators
  • All designs should respond to People, Community, Sustainability, Placemaking and Research.

We have dedicated our practice to the continual improvement of the Learning Environment through design. We are thrilled to be involved with our projects, no matter what their budget constraints may be.

So why not reach out and see how your learning environment could be reinvented to better align with your pedagogy.

We have built a platform within this studio to create innovative and inspirational learning environments.